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Make in India – Nutra

-R. B. Smarta The main aim of Make in India Campaign for nutraceuticals is to create a substantial market share in the world for nutraceuticals. The way we understand Make in India is that the companies in India (with respect to nutraceuticals and functional foods) Manufacture with Quality, Provide and Create

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Innovation in Ingredients…

-Dr.R.B. Smarta The fast paced lifestyle, increasing aging population, rising incidences of chronic diseases and changing lifestyle are the major factors that are currently driving the global nutraceutical ingredients market. The nutraceutical ingredients are basically natural bioactive compounds that possess health promoting and medicinal properties, they also possess disease preventing properties

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Reigniting Marketing

Marketing integrates knowledge, intelligence and interpretation. It is essential to develop knowledge of your target customers, use the intelligence you have developed over time to process that knowledge and then implement the interpretation in strategy, innovation, communication and delivery of the brand experience. In order to transform the existing marketing, following

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Need to Focus on Innovation System

Nutraceutical industry is moving forward with the advent of new scientific technologies and innovations. Innovation along with product quality is fundamental to long term growth & success of any business. Certain products are marketed unchanged for years, this way certain organisations have been able to survive with very limited innovation.

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Direct Marketing of Nutraceuticals

- Dr. R. B. Smarta Nutraceutical market is growing extensively in recent times. Some of the reasons for this market growth are higher incomes, imperative use of health products technology, product development, science driven formulations and heritage, increased consciousness about health, increasing competition etc. Taking the rising competition into consideration, it is essential that

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Improvising Claims

- Dr. R. B. Smarta Labelling is usually perceived as an important aspect in informing the consumers about the contents of food/nutraceuticals in the finished products. Claims allow the consumers to read what the companies claim on their products. They should not be misleading. Labelling for nutraceuticals and upto some extent foods, vary from

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