Sustainability & Growth Strategy

Sustainability & Growth Strategy

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1.How will industry shape up in near future and what it means for Pharma companies ?

Every company, irrespective of its size or leadership position in the industry, has its own set of external and internal challenges. The external challenges include tackling a dynamic market environment, changes in regulatory policies and pricing mechanisms and effectively countering competition. Internal challenges include attracting the right people to the organization, aligning the various divisions to the vision, mission and strategic initiatives, and getting the quality-price combination right.

In their quest to effectively meet these challenges, companies often reach a dead-end at several points in the growth trajectory. Some hit the roadblock while looking for sustainability while others are stuck when exploring new avenues to accelerate their growth.

Each of these companies are looking for support for Startecution (strategy and execution), to re-energize them to meet their stated objectives.

Sustainability and Growth Strategies will be at the core of this activity and will form the basis for successfully overcoming the unique challenges of each company.

2. How well is Interlink positioned to deliver effective Sustainability and Growth Strategies?

IMC has a rich experience of guiding more than 320 clients over a period of 32 years. IMC has played a critical role in enabling these companies to improve their ‘business health’ through effective ‘sustainability strategies’ and improve ‘business performance’ through effective ‘growth strategies’. Equipped with the rich experience and the right mindset, IMC is perfectly poised to steer companies to their desired destination.

Most companies, on the lookout for the right growth strategy, overlook key and very important insights that could make or break the outcome.

Oversight #1: The belief that if they hire a top person to provide growth they will lose time and also finances. Hence selection of top person sometimes is a mistake.

Oversight #2: Many companies commit the cardinal mistake of not giving the complete picture to the client; this often leads to decisions being without taking into account all possibilities. The errors in judgement, due to decisions based on incomplete judgement may lead derailment of the initiative.

Oversight #3: A critical yet oft repeated mistake of founders of many companies is that they dive headlong into launching a company without a strong supporting business plan, strategy and inadequate market research. Many of these companies begin to hit roadblocks within a year or two and may even end up shutting shop due to the inability to surmount the challenges arising from lack of pre-launch preparations.

Without enabling partnerships or assurance, companies launch and find it difficult to grow further. Many clients feel once they understand what is going wrong in their company, after 2 months of diagnosis, they discontinue the engagement and face consequences for that year.

Oversight #4: Another oft-repeated mistake committed by many companies is to make huge investments which are not backed by supporting research for getting appropriate ROI On wrong advice they invest a lot and do not get any return on Investment (ROI)

3. What is Interlink’s Value Proposition?

IMC’s perfect blend of experience and expertise give it unique strengths in areas highly valued by clients:

  1. Deep market insights
  2. Ability to incorporate industry benchmarks and best practices to strengthen the strategy of the company
  3. Proven ability to suggest the right strategy to accelerate the growth of the company

These strengths make IMC the perfect destination for effectively and efficiently overcoming the many complex challenges companies face in the present hyper-competitive environment.

The association with IMC frees companies from confusion of uncertainty and helps them focus on what they do best – deliver superior products to customers.

IMC by virtue of its deep market insights and relevant expertise of experienced consultants has established tremendous credibility among its clients. IMC also provides unique solutions of long lasting value coupled with a considerable reduction of risk taken by a client.

Interlink’s process for designing a tailormade client strategy can take around 90 days and an end-to-end strategy execution can take between 10-12 months depending on the complexity of the client’s challenge. These industry leading timelines for strategy design and execution are possible due to the rich experience and expertise of its consultants.

4. How do we create value in our engagement?

While most of the industry players engage on two node fee structure, Interlink offers its clients milestones based payments. We use tools and technology to bring in transparency in all our engagements to that the client expectations and our deliverable match completely. We follow strong processes that in turns enhances the value of our clients experiences.


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