Walking with Adversities

by admin

Walking with Adversities

by admin

by admin

Years ago, I saw a picture which etched itself in my memory. Protruding from a dead stump, there was a green healthy branch which seemed destined to live and grow.

Below the picture there was a word Reviresco. I was little intrigued to find out the meaning of this word. The liberal translation is – ‘I flourish in adversity’, what a powerful thought.

How wonderful it would be if we could learn early in our life that we can only grow strong in adversity.

Hardships, as Abrahm Lincoln expressed, are too precious to lose. Adversities are inevitable and, in my opinion, the person who knows the art of converting adversities into opportunities, can achieve the impossible.

Covid-19, one of the adversities in today’s scenario which has turned the entire world upside down, made us strong and sustainable in many ways. Many businesses which were on the urge of losing their identity have somehow managed to endure the losses and ready to bloom again while walking with adversities. Moreover, during covid, some of the business who discovered ‘opportunities into adversities’ have made an exceptional revenue which was never made before when the things were normal. That’s the magic hidden inside adversities which we can experience if our eyes and heart are open to it.

It’s all about learning the art of walking with adversities. Discussed ahead are the techniques which can be implemented to find the way out through hard times in an artistic way.

Art of decision making

We all are aware about the market transformations happening every single day. If the decisions made are based on the out-of-date information, they will never result in successful business, moreover, the losses would be unbearable.

One should be awareness about how far they can go with their strengths and whether those strengths will withstand that risk. Avoiding making unrealistic decisions is a smart choice to endure adversities.

In addition to this, we should be able to recognize our prioritize and problems and the ways to handle them. One should know where to handle by themselves and where to distribute the responsibility. Creating a system which looks after such issues can make the things much easier to handle in future.

Art of Moving ahead

Moving an inch every day forward, communicating and building relationships are some essentials to create a strong base to deal with adversities. As the business circumstances keep evolving, we also need to revisit and update our business strategies regularly.

Art of consistent efforts with new initiatives

Consistency accompanied by persistent efforts never fail to pay off. We might fail a hundred times, however, we get filled with valuable experiences with each failure which are enough to keep us moving toward success while trying new things every time.

positive attitude toward our inherent strengths and practicing resilience can fetch us our desired goal.

Art of Mindfulness and managing self

Practicing mindfulness is a way to heal, experience peace and happiness throughout the period of adversities.

To have the sense of being in present, mindfulness is a kind of energy which helps us to be in touch with life deeply.

Strengthening our mind, body and soul is crucial to remain calm yet energetic in critical situations. Nothing is more important than being health; wealth can wait.

Walking with adversity means ensuring that all you do is always with mindfulness. It is also equally important to understand that adversities are part of life and not vice versa.

As a result, it is better to be in present, mindful, managing self and time with meaning and keep our aim at going forward with chosen initiatives…That’s the way we walk with adversities…


About Author-

Dr. R. B. Smarta- Founder and Managing Director of Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

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