Volume to Value Shift

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Volume to Value Shift

by admin

by admin

With the transforming behaviour and needs of consumers, reforming healthcare and new trends in industry, pharma business models are moving on from their traditional way of working towards a more promising and persistent approach of functioning. Adaption of a value-driven business model is what an industry is exploring nowadays which is of course much profitable and sustainable in many aspects for the business. 

Why ‘Volume to value’ shift is happening? – 

It is very essential in today’s market place that the company should explore new ways to tighten the bond between their brand and target audience. Ethics, feeling of surety and reliability is what today’s generation consumer is looking for along with quality, quantity and functionality of the brand. 

Evolving mindsets of consumers from ‘Spending on volume’ to ‘Spending on value’ is making pharma companies adaptive toward patient’s changing needs. This abruptly changing mindsets making pharma companies to rethink and develop in terms of building Value proposition which can sustain their business in the longer run. 

What are the ways to create value for your customers? 

Understanding customer’s changing needs- In today’s world, One-size-fits all approach will never lift you up at any cost. Customers are evolving, their needs are changing and they are the sole decision makers whose assessment is one of the primary tasks which no one can afford skipping. Identifying customer interest and strategizing the way of delivering value will never disappoint any business.

Educating the customer segment to make a right choice- Educating customers is one of the game changing strategies which a company can follow to improve the engagement of customers. Many consumers could not make a better purchase owing to the lack of exposure to all the attributes of products or services, or they might be also having some misconceptions about the product/service, we never know!!

Sharing valuable content like case studies, infographics, articles, guides, etc via emails, blogs will create a necessary brand awareness and will promote value of your brand. An intensive approach and strategic implementation in this regard can influence consumers to get engaged with your product/service. 

Prolonging the engagement of customers- It is always beneficial to engage the existing customers in more fruitful manner than searching for new ones. Presenting discounts, giving special offers, subscription services and many other ways which can be employed to make your customers believe in your values. Promoting loyalty programs to make them realise that how much you value them is an essential tactic which every business should follow in order to deliver the value.  

Company’s value proposition has got immense importance like never before. Customer’s upgrading mindset resulting in market transformations which are inclining more towards brand value. This shifts in market positively boosting the growth of deserving products/services and customers are delivered with best possible outcomes. Gathering market insights is crucial in this scenario if we want to stay dynamic in the Value-driven industry and make profit.

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