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Strategic Consulting

BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Interlink builds the competitive edge to develop market based capabilities to accelerate performance

GROWTH Interlink's network of industry experts and strategic partners in emerging markets provide the edge in domestic and international growth

SUSTAINABILITY Interlink has a proven track record in delivering the competitive advantage to address unique needs and sustainable results

SCALABILITY Interlink combines value proposition, rationalisation of product mix and differentiation along with effective response management to build scalability in product offerings

BRANDING Interlink advises on brand building initiatives based on market perceptions and feedback and guides sales and marketing efforts accordingly

Operational consultancy

Productivity Improvement

  • Developing competency and skills,
  • improving capabilities and delivering measurable milestones
  • Improving Efficiency and Excellence for delivering quality within a decided time frame

IT Enabled Services

  • IT Enabled competency mapping,
  • video based training for marketing professionals,
  • managerial skills through case studies

Managing Innovation

  • Developing Strategic and Flexible Thinking
  • Consistently developing capability
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Enhancing learning via exercises, workshops, action plans, and enhancement of functional performance
  • Setting up an environment that incentivises innovation through proven strategies such as kanban and kaizen

Go to Market Execution

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Market Attractiveness
  • Product Portfolio Planning
  • Brand Alliances
  • EcoSystem Support
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Marketing Advertising and PR
  • Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing
  • Distribution and Manpower
  • Converting Concept to Prototype
  • Seeding Human and Proof of Concept studies

Analytics and Advisory

  • Building Algorithms
  • Formulating Metrics
  • Conducting Feasibility Analysis
  • Cost and Pricing optimisation
  • Productivity and Profitability Analysis
  • Advising Start ups
  • Affiliation with Industry based thought leadership bodies
  • Regulatory and Compliance Advice

Specialty areas


• Market entry (India, Australia, Brazil)
• Launching new companies & divisions For simpler, stronger & more balanced platform for long term growth
• New category entry- creating brand or product alliance in existing and new segments
• Preparation for strategy through
• Physicians and patients insights
• Pharmacists insights



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Healthcare (Day Care, Hospitals, Diagnostics)
• Launch & growth strategy
• Feasibility of multi-specialty hospital
• Feasibility & growth

Allied Industries (APIs, Chemicals, Animal Health)
• Product portfolio management & performance

Go-to market strategy
• Designing, strategizing, shaping & developing go-to market blueprints