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Disruption is not new.

Dealing with it effectively is the key to success

Balancing Act has to be followed by pharma companies, physicians and the society. It’s an exchange which is taking place between industry, physicians and their business behaviors. Balance should yield ethical behaviour and hence ethical marketing and sales practices need to be instituted.
Dr. R.B Smarta

Growth, New Division Launch, Turnaround

Desperate times call for calculated and effective measures. Turning a company’s fortunes around has to start from identification of core issues as well as focused objectives for the future. But for growth to be effective or for a new product to be launched – one has to look at key performance areas and evaluate them as we move along.

New concept, New Brand, New Business Launch

Bringing a new concept to life involves preparing for a market need and streamlining processes to time the release at the right time to achieve the right effect. 

Business Due Diligence for investing, buying and selling

The methods, covert or overt, used by entities to go about their business. The legal and financial analysis of a buy or sale prospect and more importantly – the evaluation of the worth and potential ROI is paramount to making a decision to buy or sell a business

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Strengthening Existing Business

  • Getting New right fit technology,
  • Nurturing  product line and identifying new markets,
  • Creating evidence by clinical trials
  • Developing Quality Culture, and
  • Auditing Nutra and Pharma API facilities.

Operational Consultancy

Improving productivity at sales and marketing ,manufacturing, and profitability per client for APIs and B2B business.

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Executive Coaching and activating sales teams to achieve targets month after month



• New Markets (India, Australia, Brazil) 
• Launching new company / division 
• New category- creating brand or product alliance in existing / new segments 


New Category, creating brand or product alliance.

 Preparation for strategy through 
• Physicians and patients insights 
• Pharmacists insights


Healthcare and Allied Industries

Healthcare (Day Care, Hospitals, Diagnostics)
• Launch & growth strategy
• Feasibility of multi-specialty hospital
• Feasibility & growth

Allied Industries (APIs, Chemicals, Animal Health)
• Product portfolio management & performance

Go-to market strategy

• Designing, strategizing, shaping & developing go-to market blueprints.

Existing & New Services

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Partner in your Business Performance

Focused on only Pharma, Nutrition & Nutraceuticals, Healthcare industry with all required services

Make Your Business Performance Matter

Sales Excellence

To improve productivity of each business producing unit and IT enabled tools and techniques (National and International)

Business Growth Expansion

Growth, Expansion and Scaling along with diversification into healthcare segments such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy

Going International

Managing International business in ROW and Emerging Markets (Pharma, Nutra)

Strategic Alliances

All Services with Strategic Alliances


Branding - Highlighting USP and business processes in generic environment

New Entry

Entry Strategy and Execution Support with multidimensional approach involving sales, marketing and advertising infrastructure

Rx to OTx

OTC Regulatory and Entry Strategy

Digital and Social

Digital and Social Marketing and Promotion


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