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Can De-risking be possible ?

Synopsis The Indian pharmaceutical industry is fighting battle on two fronts - domestic and the regulated markets particular the US. Price controls and regulatory uncertainties are major challenges in the domestic market. Better portfolio management, cost control and emphasis on ethical marketing seem to be the risk mitigants for these

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Thinking for next Gen customer

-Interlink Knowledge Cell Synopsis: The Millennials truly believe that in between dreams and reality it’s their effort to make it happen. They are distracted given the number of things happening both socially and personally around them, a combination of direction, task guidance and emotional support would act as the way ahead. Mentorship

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Time to Transform!

Synopsis The pharmaceutical industry is facing crisis, and a lot of time, energy and resources are being spent to tackle it. Should the industry spend so much of time and effort concentrating on these issues? Is it time to change the tune and look at opportunities? Pharma Industry   Global Pharma is at its

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Challenging Art: Forecasting

Forecasting is divided into two parts—Demand forecasting and Sales forecasting. In the most complex and competitive Indian Pharma market it is tough to forecast both—demand and sales. For demand forecasting Jesse Werner gives us good advice saying “ For most accurate forecasting forget your present volumes; start with the future trends

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The Heart of Pharmaceutical Marketing

“Medical communication is the heart of pharmaceutical marketing because it can lead to actions by healthcare professionals impacting lives of patients.” The pharmaceutical industry is a regulated industry. Marketing is one of the very important and demanding functions in this industry. Pharmaceutical marketing is commonly known as “medico-marketing” because of the

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An Essence for Stability & Growth

90% of the pharmaceutical market is captured by heritage brands. Having stated that, managing and growing mature brands are the challenges faced by several organizations. Before addressing the challenges, it is important to answer one key question, ‘are all brands worth reviving?’ What are the brands that the organization should

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