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1. How will the industry shape up by 2023 and what it means for Nutraceutical companies in 2018?

The Nutraceutical industry is currently at a nascent stage in India, with tremendous potential for growth in the future. Buoyed by the promising prospects, companies of all sizes are entering the market. However, many multinational nutraceutical companies do not have sufficient knowledge about the dynamics of Indian market. They are on the lookout for consultancy advise on the right go-to-market strategy.

Go-to-Market Strategies will be at the core of this activity and will form the basis for successfully overcoming the unique challenges of each company.

2. How well is Interlink positioned to deliver effective Go-to-Market Strategies?

IMC is the only Business Performance Consultancy in India which has adequate knowledge and experience of Indian environment and dynamics to suggest the right go-to-market strategy.

Most companies, on the lookout for the right go-to-market strategy, overlook key and very important insights that could make or break the outcome.

Oversight #1: Most companies simply lack the insights to put together a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and often resort to shortcut practices like piecing together disparate information from market research and market mapping. This exercise does not take into account all the major influencing variables and hence has many loopholes in strategy formulation and implementation. This is one of the main reasons why many go-to-market strategies fail.

Oversight #2: Often times companies undervalue consultants’ recommendations and deviate from the go-to-market strategy and business plan suggested by the consultants. This often leads to many negative consequences for the company and it has to spend additional resources to recover from the errors.

Oversight #3: Companies may not share their investment capability details with the consultant during strategy formulation process and are later not able to commit the required resources. This is another reason for failure of strategies suggested by the consultant.

Oversight #4: Companies often err while choosing the right client with the required expertise for the right project and end up investing huge amount of resources on misplaced strategies. This error not only sets them back but leads to loss of trust and credibility of other consultants.

3. What is Interlink’s Value Proposition?

IMC's perfect blend of experience and expertise give it unique strengths in areas highly valued by clients:

  1. Deep market insights
  2. In-house experts have rich experience guiding companies in a wide range of scenarios
  3. Proven record in suggest the right go-to-market strategy for the company. These strengths make IMC the perfect destination for effectively and efficiently overcoming the many complex challenges companies face in the present hyper-competitive environment.

The association with IMC frees companies from confusion of uncertainty and helps them focus on what they do best - deliver superior products to customers.

IMC by virtue of its deep market insights and relevant expertise of experienced consultants has established tremendous credibility among its clients. IMC also provides unique solutions of long lasting value coupled with a considerable reduction of risk taken by a client.

Interlink’s process for designing a tailormade client strategy can take around 90 days and an end-to-end strategy execution can take between 10-12 months depending on the complexity of the client’s challenge. These industry leading timelines for strategy design and execution are possible due to the rich experience and expertise of its consultants.

4. How do we create value in our engagement?

While most of the industry players engage on two node fee structure, Interlink offers its clients milestones based payments. We use tools and technology to bring in transparency in all our engagements to that the client expectations and our deliverable match completely.

We follow strong processes that in turns enhances the value of our clients experiences.

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