1. How will the industry shape up by 2023 and what it means for Pharma & Nutraceutical companies in 2018?

As value from domestic markets is increasing due to induction of robust regulatory system and available consumers in India national and international Nutraceutical and food companies are looking at India as its destination to launch brands under their brand names or private label brands of Indian companies. This is a right time to enter and create first mover advantage in branding space.

It adds value to domestic revenue and increases overall business performance.

2. How well is Interlink positioned to deliver effective Strategies for Improving Business Performance and Health of Pharma Companies?

IMC is uniquely capable of delivering this value as it has brought value to more than 50 pharma brands over a period of 3 decades and all these brands are still alive and growing. Most of these brands in first 150 brands declared by IMS ORG even today. Our expert team is capable of launching infant brands, young brands, pillar brands and also heritage brands.

Oversight #1: Clients follow old branding models and fail as new models need to be evolved and emerging.

Oversight #2: Marketing infrastructure being absent, lot of good strategies quickly die after launch

Oversight #3: Definition of brand is a changing concept and needs lot of branding infrastructure such as media, brand ambassador for its success to pull it up to critical mass

3. What is Interlink’s Value Proposition?

Team of Experienced and Expert consultants having relevant and updated knowledge and skills with comprehension of environment.

Ability to work on different brands depending on the regulatory status of client organization and willingness to invest in branding.

4. How do we create value in our engagement?

While most of the industry players engage on two node fee structure, Interlink offers its clients milestones based payments. We use tools and technology to bring in transparency in all our engagements to that the client expectations and our deliverable match completely. We follow strong processes that in turns enhances the value of our client’s experiences.

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